ABC’s of Scripture

The 100 Proverbs of Urban Education

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This book came to be through a special woman: my mother-in-love, “Mom.”… Mom has prayed for my family and actively encouraged us toward God in many ways. This book is meant to capture and share a favorite collection of Scripture that has come to us as a gift through her life.

From early childhood, Mom recalls that her mother encouraged her and her four siblings to memorize Bible verses through an alphabet game learned in Sunday school. Teacher-made, God-inspired, the game was built around a collection of twenty-six Bible verses, each verse representing a different letter of the alphabet. When challenged with a given letter, players were invited to recite from memory the matching Bible verse. The object of the game was to see who could memorize the most verses. Mom has been pleased to discover that she can still remember those verses today.

When I asked her to share this alphabet of Bible verses with our family, Mom responded with a series of “verse of the week” e-mails, sent to every member of the extended family throughout the twenty-six weeks that followed. Included with the Bible verse to be memorized each week was a brief suggestion for use in the family circle, or an item of family news. Connected as they were through the Scriptures, our children learned about the Bible and each other while building memories of their own, to share with their families to come.

The ABC’s of Scripture provides a hands-on format for sharing and preserving this treasured collection of Bible verses. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Thanks, Mom!
– Donna Gardner

Price: $15.00