Leadership For High Performing Schools

Leadership for High Performing Schools

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There is a considerable body of research that supports the notion that the school principal is second only to the classroom teacher in exerting influence on the teaching and learning process. This reality offers principals the opportunity to lead significant improvement in their schools, but also suggests that leadership expertise-the knowledge and skill required for working collaboratively with faculty, staff, student, and other stakeholders-is now the major challenge facing school improvement. In Leadership for High Performing Schools: a Handbook for Action, the authors provide school leaders with current knowledge of contemporary leadership strategies, along with specific tools and techniques grounded in best practice.

From strategic and systems thinking to knowledge transfer and organizational learning, this handbook equips leaders to better grapple with the primary problem of practice in schools-how to improve the quality of teaching.

The educational enterprise is characterized by an interlocking web of complex interactions and relationships. Leadership expertise is now more critical than ever. This handbook is intended to address the need for enhanced leadership skills necessary to meet the challenges faced by educators in the 21st century.

Price: $25.00