Bent Beneath the Load

The Mystical Cosmos by William A. Perry

Price: $10.00

Daily quiet time with Jesus is a necessity for every believer to stand firm against the Devil’s attacks. When a believer allows quiet time and prayer to disappear from his or her day, the Devil is standing ready to pelt the believer with darts until he or she finally falls. Our strength comes from God and when we suddenly try to live without that strength, we can’t possibly handle what the Devil is going to throw our way.

Bent Beneath the Load is a book about such a time in my life – it is the raw truth of my mental breakdown – my feelings of being overwhelmed and suicidal. So why would I want to share such a personal event in my life with others? 2 Corinthians 1:4 encourages believers to comfort others in their troubles as God has comforted us. Mental breakdowns and suicidal attempts can be a taboo subject to talk about. I am sharing my story to show others that there IS hope, and that hope is in Jesus Christ!

Price: $10.00