Shadow Of The Lamb

Hidden Treasure

Price: $12.95

The Bible in its entirety is the story of God’s Son, Jesus. The arrival and teachings of Jesus and His death and resurrection from the grave were events that God did not want humankind to miss. Therefore, God prepared us for the advent of His Son through the stories comprising the Old Testament Scriptures.

In the manner that Shakespeare would conduct a play, God orchestrated the events contained within the Old Testament stories in order to reveal prophetic truths about His Son. Instead of Old Testament history, the stories are actually His Story!

Throughout His Story, Jesus is foreshadowed by numerous prophetic events (types). He is revealed as the fulfillment of the sacrificial lamb, the bridegroom, the tabernacle, and the annual feasts, as well as various Old Testament characters. Shadow of the Lamb attempts to explain many of the numerous Old Testament types of Jesus Christ so that we may better understand Him and His purpose.

Price: $12.95

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