The Mystical Cosmos

The Mystical Cosmos by William A. Perry

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This book is written in an attempt to answer the age old questions of the creation and to further one’s knowledge of the Cosmos and the who, why, how, and when it was created. The ever-evolving Cosmos with infinite amount of different solar systems will die out over time and new ones will form again.

Solar systems are created and destroyed over many billions of years. There was never a creation because the supreme power and force (God) is the creation that directs all life and matter in the Cosmos. All life and matter is born, dies, and is reborn in a perpetual cycle. Life and matter in the Cosmos lives in perpetual motion changing from one state to another. Life and matter are continually being born to die, just to be born again.

When I think of God, life, matter; and the Cosmos, I like to picture them as living things that are the oldest entities known to mankind. They are in a sense, living in eternity. The pyramids and the wonders of this world are old but God, life, matter, and the Cosmos are ageless and yet as new as tomorrow’s newspaper. Almost since the beginning of time, mankind has studied science, religion, and the Cosmos and have tried to find ways to understand and comprehend the nature of things of this world and beyond. A lot of knowledge and sometimes utter nonsense has been passed on from generation to generation, and since it is ever changing and always growing, a vast amount of good and bad material have accumulated.

In writing this book, my objective has been to choose from this mass of knowledge the simple, fundamental truths that haven been proven by the test of time and to combine these truths with the wonderful modern discoveries in astronomy, physics, and science. It has been my purpose to bring forth theories, scenarios, and questions written in simple words to be used to give to someone a better insight and understanding of God, life, matter, and the Cosmos.

Price: $18.00