TJ Put Your Phone Away

Price: $6.99

T.J. Put Your Phone Away is a book about a young man who misses the real world due to the attention paid to his hand-held technology. This book was written in response to a generation of kids and adults that revolve around technology, such as Phones, Laptops, Mp3 Players, Tablets, Readers, and other devices. Through T.J.’s journey, a family learns that it’s important to remember to live life and experience things, rather than staying “plugged in” all the time. While the book is meant for kids, it also rings true for adults.

This book is for anyone who has realized that they’ve been consumed in their phone for an hour and missed the punch-line to a joke. It’s for anyone who’s had to smile and nod to a conversation that was previously interrupted by a hand held device. It’s for a generation of students who date and court one another online. And it’s for families who might pull their bodies to the dinner table, but leave their minds elsewhere with others: texting, emailing, watching, reading, and posting online. T.J. Put Your Phone Away is a MUST HAVE for a family in 2013.

The authors of the book say…

It’s for people, like us, overwhelmingly consumed with our handheld devices, social media, and communications via internet, that we often forget human interaction and what it’s like to live off-screen.–Erin Gilchrist Ph.D.

The small lessons that can be taught to a child about manners, paying attention to the people you love, the respect of personal interactions, and the importance relationships, are lessons that we all need to be reminded of, no matter the age.-Blake Gilchrist

Price: $6.99