Why Not Me

Why Not Me by Diane Murphy

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Diane Murphy, a veteran school administrator, was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer in August of 2004. Forced to retire early, she entered a medical whirlwind that spun nearly out of control as tests finally led to a prognosis that she had a terminal case of the insidious disease. Diane learned early on that doctors rarely use words like curable, hope, and most especially healing when dealing with such advanced cases of cancer; so believing that she could beat this disease amidst medical skepticism and pessimism became her first and biggest challenge. In spite of the dire prognosis, she and her family made the decision to enter into chemotherapy and radiation in hopes of later surgery to remove the large tumor and affected lymph nodes. Diane proceeded with grueling treatments while continually calling upon God to augment those treatments with His almighty healing power.

Diving into God’s word, Diane prayed fervently and relied on family and friends for support, encouragement, and confirmation of God’s power and love. She listened to family, friends, and colleagues as they relentlessly reminded her of God’s promises of healing, of His miracles, and of His omnipotent authority over all things, including cancer. Praising God for His goodness and faithfulness throughout the illness and claiming His assurances and promises, Diane prayed steadfastly for healing and looked for signs of God’s confirmation throughout the ordeal. And, she continually thanked God for the spiritual miracles occurring in her life.

Like many other cancer patients, Diane asked Why Me? However, she quickly moved to a different question – Why Not Me? “After all”, Diane thought, “why would I think that cancer would not affect me as it does so many others”? But, the Why Not Me? question was soon replaced with another Why Me? question as she realized just how much her life was blessed beyond measure everyday of her ordeal and wondered why God blessed her so. But again, the Why Me? question soon gave way to a final and crucial Why Not Me? question. God answered Diane by helping her realize the depth of His love for her and all of His children. He reminded her that all are offered His immeasurable love and blessings.

Price: $13.99