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All You Can Do Is Pray

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This book is the story of the generational tornado outbreak of April 25-28, 2011. Over three hundred people were killed, hundreds more seriously injured by a total of 362 tornadoes. The tornado outbreak affected almost a third of  the nation over its four-day span. The system had significant effects on Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Oklahoma. But, the hardest hit state was Alabama. On April 27, a total of 252 people lost their life in that one state alone. James Spann, who has worked as a broadcast meteorologist since 1978 (almost all of those years in Alabama), was in the middle of it. He was on the air that day for over 15 continuous hours on Birmingham’s ABC TV affiliate. This day in American history is etched in his soul, and he felt led to write this book. Learn the science behind the event, and the impact it brought. Not only an “inside baseball” look at the day, but stories of real people; some who were tragically killed, and others who survived bullets from hell. And stunning photos taken during the outbreak, and in the days that followed.

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