Bigger Than Bama – The Inside Story of Tider Insider

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By Rodney Orr with Ray Melick

Over the years, I have been asked by many people to share the story of Tider Insider, of how I took my passion for Alabama football and turned it into one of the first websites dedicated to reporting on all things related to the Crimson Tide as well as creating a community of Tide fans from across the world.

But while Tider Insider allowed me to experience almost every dream I ever had, there is another part to the story: that of enduring some of my worst fears. And in the highs and the lows, the triumph and the tragedy, I give God all the glory.

From dreams fulfilled, I’ve learned that none of them, in and of themselves, could bring me the contentment ! expected from them. Therefore, I no longer put my faith and hope in the things of this world.

From the fears experienced, the hurt and pain has led to healing, transformation, and a new perspective. I no longer see as I once did. For that, I am overwhelmed with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for God’s perfect grace in all things.

As an Alabama fan, I hope you join me in reliving some of the best and worst moments of Crimson Tide football over the last 40 years, with inside stories on coaches and players and events that I’ve never shared before.

But more importantly, I pray that my story may connect with people who are struggling, who find themselves in unimaginable life situations, and that they’ll be encouraged by the testimony God has so richly blessed me with. Because what the enemy intended to use for harm, God has turned around for good in my life, a life that truly is “Bigger than Bama.”

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