Proper Perspective

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Church innovator and missional pioneer (Ben Nelson) challenges his readers to reconsider their current perspective of God.

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Some days, as a believer and as a pastor, I find myself stepping back and saying “We have missed the point!” God has more and is more than we are currently seeing. Satan, in his manipulation and deceit, has corrupted our view of who God is and what He longed to do in and through His son, Jesus. Jesus had a mission from the Father, but unfortunately, we have reduced it down to the phrase “He died for sin so that we could one day get into heaven.” You see, Satan is tricky. This phrase is true, but it is only the truth in part. Our enemy knew He couldn’t stop God from accomplishing His mission, so He distorts our perspective of God and the redemptive qualities that came through the death and resurrection of Jesus. God is calling us to gain a proper perspective and to live lives that reveal this to the world.


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