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We have a limited quantity (now 13) of signed, first edition Weathering Life books. It would be kinda’ cool to have one of these 2019 autographed books at the same price as a newer unautographed edition!

Most occasionally glance up at the sky if they hear a rumble of thunder, if they notice the wind picking up, or if a pretty sunset has taken over before dusk. Others keep an eye on the sky early and often, every day, with eyes of fascination, a mind of curiosity, and a deep desire to learn about the wonders of the Earth’s atmosphere. People like James Spann.

From his earliest days growing up in rural South Alabama, his eyes have been on the sky with wonder. Through challenging situations in his young life, he took the love of weather and turned it into a long, rewarding career as a professional meteorologist. Most know him from social media, television, radio, or the weekly show for weather nerds, WeatherBrains.

But, most don’t know his real story. This autobiography allows folks to ride along with James Spann on his long and winding life journey. They will learn things they don’t know about him, experience deep details concerning the historic weather events that shaped his career, and most importantly, learn some things that just might help them in their lives and in their darkest days. The book was written not only to document a long career in weather and the events that shaped it but to serve as an encouragement and blessing to those who read it.

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